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hi friends! its seems like so long since ive updated! eh, ive gone longer without updating. senior musical has been over for almost 2 weeks now, im glad i did it i met really great people, i hope to make friends w/them now that senior musical is over. being in crew made me love being on stage more, i feel like im a much better performer than crew member, not that im a great performer but instead a really bad crew member. anyway thats old new i just got back from all state! yay!! ive had such a great week. i was so proud to be in creek choir[i know. im a dork.] all our hard work really paid off. we sounded awesome. i was so nervous before we went onstage- i didnt think that was gonna get so excited- i was really annoyed by the music and i had been frustrated with wasting away the entire year with the same music, but that changed when we performed. i was proud. i loved being in the allstate mens choir!!!!!!! our music was awesome. our director was awesome. and i learned how high i could sing in concert and i grew soooo much!!!!! i wouldnt change anything about this years' allstate experience at all. i got a patch! [yes im still a dork]but anyway words cant express how great it was to be in all state and its weird how colleges and directors treat you differently. at college night on friday, directors were taking my name down even after i filled out an info card. and directors are convincing you about their school, they are doin all the talking and your listening. to be entirely honest, thats when i realized how great it is to be an allstater. and my ego was shooting thru the roof-im not gonna lie. i was the most confident ive ever been walking to each booth knowing there was a huge possiblity of me getting accepted into that school because i was an allstater. then realizing i was starting to get way too bigheaded i realized i couldnt let it get to my head. it would be hypicritical of myself to become egotistical and like the people i do not like. i hope im not egotistical or arrogant, and if i ever come off that way i would hate myself. but dont worry, listening to the mixed choir was humbling for me. all in all, the all state experience was great in making me a more confident singer and still manage one of the hugest reality checks of my life. there is still room for lots and lots of improvement in my singing. ive typed way too much and ive got make up work. go choir! solo and ensemble is this week! go choir! no more monday rehearsals! madrigal is 3 weeks. yay!
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